Kenosha Police Department

Kenosha Police Department

Two Kenosha men have been arrested in connection with the shooting death of a 5-year-old in Kenosha.

According to Kenosha Police, Javonn Cannon and Jovonn Cannon, both 24, were arrested Wednesday.

Police will refer the following charges to the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office:

Javonn Cannon: Homicide by negligent handling of a firearm.

Jovonn Cannon: Leaving a loaded firearm within reach or access of a child.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that 5-year-old Dakari Weldon suffered a fatal gunshot wound during a shooting incident Monday that occurred inside a residence in the 2000 block of 60th Street.

Both Cannons are slated to appear in Kenosha intake court today.