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Woman charged for selling diseased puppies

Woman charged for selling diseased puppies

Kenosha Police Department

Kenosha Police Department

Police investigating an animal neglect complaint found a crate full of parasite-invested puppies who were dehydrated and standing in feces.

The woman who owned the dogs told Kenosha Police she was acquiring mixed-breed puppies for free or inexpensively, then reselling them online.

Police went to the woman’s home after receiving a complaint in June from four people who had purchased puppies from the woman who identified herself as Autumn Carpper.

All four purchased the shepherd-pit bull mix puppies through advertisements on Craigslist, meeting Carpper in a parking lot to buy the puppies, according to a criminal complaint.

The new owners quickly learned that all four puppies were infected with parvovirus along with fleas and lice. One of the puppies died. The other three survived with extensive veterinary care.

Although the seller allegedly gave the buyers a false name, one of the women who bought a puppy took a photo of the dog when she picked it up. That photo captured the seller’s license plate.

When police went to the seller’s home in the 7300 block of 14th Avenue with a search warrant in late June, they found nine puppies in a crate on an outdoor deck. The only shelter was from a plastic pan placed on top of the crate.

There was no water in the enclosure, and it was “covered with so much feces the puppies had no option but to walk and lay in it,” according to a criminal complaint.

Inside the house were two dogs and a bird. The two dogs inside were in good condition, although there was dog and bird feces in the house.

The puppies, dogs and bird were seized. All tested positive for giardia, a microscopic parasite that causes diarrheal illness, and worms. The puppies were in good weight but were dehydrated.

Jacqulyn Hutchison, 37, of Kenosha, was charged this month with one felony count of animal mistreatment causing death and six misdemeanor animal neglect charges. She is scheduled to make her initial appearance in court Aug. 29.

According to the complaint, Hutchison told police she had been buying and selling dogs for about four years. She said the four puppies with parvovirus had been picked up for free in a parking lot in Ohio.

She said a man she knew gave her the nine puppies on the deck and that she planned to sell them as quickly as possible or give them away.


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