ZION, Ill. — A Zion, Ill., woman scheduled to report to the Kenosha County Jail on Saturday was arrested around 8:30 p.m. Friday after she repeatedly rammed the SUV she was driving into a police squad car and then through the side of a building.

According to Zion Police, officers were called about a possibly intoxicated driver weaving on Green Bay Road, crossing the center line and nearly crashing into a snowbank.

The Jeep Cherokee eventually pulled into the parking lot of CVS at 4580 Route 173.

One squad car pulled in behind the parked Jeep while another squad car parked near the passenger side of the vehicle.

Officers repeatedly asked the woman, identified as Nina E. Allen, 57, to get out of the vehicle; however, she refused to comply, police said.

Allen then started the Jeep and began to rev the engine. She then backed into the squad car behind her as officers quickly moved out of the way.

She reportedly struck the squad car eight or nine times before then ramming her vehicle into the west side of the store three times, subsequently breaking through the wall and driving into the store.

No one inside the store was hurt, police said. Allen was taken to Vista Medical Center-East in Waukegan, Ill., with minor injuries.

Police said felony charges of suspected driving under the influence and criminal damage to property.

Police also learned that Allen was scheduled to report to the Kenosha County Jail on Saturday to serve 80 days for a second offense of OWI.