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Fix It: A Whole Lot Of Updates

Fix It: A Whole Lot Of Updates


Update: Last week’s Fix It took a second look at the flooded bike path at Alford Park just south of Carthage College. Standing water forms a lagoon that blocks the bike path on the east side of the parking lot.

Reader JL, one of the complainants, wrote Tuesday, “Happy to report that a maintenance crew was trimming back the overhanging brush on the bike path by Carthage yesterday morning (Monday) and that the route is completely clear now.”

But: JL added, “I’m sorry to report, however, that the city’s solution to the bike path seems to be to reroute it through the parking lot, taking away five or six parking spaces in the process. And in heavy rains the newly constructed bike lane will still be flooded.”

“What really needs to happen is they need to fix the grading that got messed up when the road was reconstructed years ago — a small mountain of debris was dumped in that place, and not all of it was removed. Before the road reconstruction project there was never any flooding there. Half an hour with a bulldozer and taking away a truckload of fill would solve that problem permanently,” wrote JL.

Again with the tires: Fix It checked back on those pesky dumped tires in the 8600 block of the east frontage road in Pleasant Prairie.

They were still there as of this past Monday. They had migrated closer to the roadway, though.

Fix It contacted the village of Pleasant Prairie since it’s past the village’s deadline for the tires to have been removed.

Village responds: Greg Czarny, municipal code enforcement officer for the village, wrote that he’s verified that the tires are still present on that property.

Czarny wrote, “In the past couple weeks, I have been in contact with the property owner who has requested an extension due to the number of tires and getting the resources together to properly dispose of them. Unfortunately, as you are aware, when people illegally dump on someone else’s property, that property owner must bear the brunt of costs and time associated with disposing of them properly, so we’re being more lenient in this scenario.”

Czarny wrote there is an increase in illegal dumping of tires throughout Pleasant Prairie.

“So, in addition to residents reporting any municipal code violations, I would also like to encourage residents who observe illegal dumping actively happening in the village to promptly contact the Pleasant Prairie Police Department at 262-694-7353 and report it. If a resident can safely obtain a license plate number and vehicle description in addition to any other information about the people illegally dumping, it could be much easier to hold them accountable instead of forcing the property owner to take care of the problem,” wrote Czarny.

Thank you to the village for checking back on it.

Last update, but not the least: Some readers may recall the sump pump discharging problem on the west side of the 5500 block of Green Bay Road that Fix It wrote about in June.

A spokesperson for the city of Kenosha’s Water Utility department left a voicemail that said, “I’m responding to your drainage complaint that you submitted for a Fix It article. I just wanted to update you that we were able to see the area that you were talking about with the sump pump running and causing (a) public nuisance, so we did speak to the homeowner and referred DOT to take a look at it. This is actually a complaint that is going through the Department of Transportation because it is a state highway.”

Thank you to the Water Utility for checking back on that problem.

After the initial article, reader AF wrote Fix It about it: “Brian, I like your Fix It story about the sump pump discharge on Green Bay Road. I have been passing that spot for years and have not complained. ... It has been a hazard for years during the winter when it freezes and when it is flooded and cars swerve at 50 mph to miss it. You did a good job describing the problem, but the city did not give you, me or JS a decent answer. Why would it take months to address this if it is a danger every day and it is specifically against the city ordinance? Something so obvious should be dealt with immediately, not over the next few months.”


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