Today’s problem: Those mysterious yellow “donation” boxes that become a magnet for dumping are popping up again in the city of Kenosha.

This time around they’re joined by green “donation” boxes.

Fix It noticed two yellow ones, one on the north end of the parking lot of the north side Piggly Wiggly, the other on the parking lot of the former Shopko store on 52nd Street. That one already has a collection of items dumped outside of it. The two green boxes are located on the east side of the parking lot at Gander Outdoors near Highway 50 and I-94.

Fix It wrote about these yellow donation boxes in July 2017 when they were collecting dumping on 34th Avenue just north of 52nd Street and in a parking lot on Sheridan Road and Seventh Avenue.

Fix It is surprised one of these donation boxes hasn’t popped up on one of the Kenosha News’ parking lots.

There are several news stories online about similar mystery donation boxes that pop up on properties without permission and that prove vexing for local authorities to sort out.

From Fix It’s 2017 article on the yellow donation boxes:

A sign on the box states the organization is “Clean & Green,” with a phone number of 888-630-0096. Calling that number gets you a recorded message to make you feel really good about all the stuff that gets dumped there. Punching various random numbers into their phone system eventually gets you a voicemail for a person named “Bill Adams.” Fix It left a message for Mr. Adams (who is probably on a surfboard somewhere in the South Pacific) and hasn’t received a call back from Adams or anyone else at Clean & Green. Imagine that.

Fix It contacted the City of Kenosha’s Community Development & Inspections to ask if they could check on the boxes.

City responds: Rich Schroeder, deputy director of Community Development & Inspections, wrote, “Regarding the donation boxes, they are not permitted on the exterior of the site, unless directly associated with an on-site use which would require separate approval by the City. We will be contacting the owners of the property where these three (actually four) boxes are located and requiring that they be removed.”

If a reader sees any more of them floating around, they can report them to the City of Kenosha’s Department of Community Development and Inspections.

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