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Fix It: Alford Park Drive Lane Markings

Fix It: Alford Park Drive Lane Markings


Today’s problem

“It could have been done a long time ago, and to me, it’s a tragedy waiting to happen, truly,” said MH.

MH is referring to the heavily-faded lane markings on Alford Park Drive in the section of four-lane roadway that runs from Carthage College south to the intersection of Alford, Sheridan Road and Seventh Avenue.

MH said: “I’ve lived in Kenosha practically my whole life … I’ve driven that road so many times, and in my head, I know the curves of it and the angles of it and it still makes me nervous when there’s no striping because there’s so many cars going in both directions, if one person doesn’t know where they’re supposed to be, it could be mess really quickly … I’ve seen people driving down the middle.”


The white lane and fog line markings are the most heavily faded, being just short of invisible. Also faded are the double yellow center line markings. Another problem: numerous embedded lane reflectors are missing their reflectors, both alongside the yellow double lines and between the white lane markings. On one roughly 100-yard section of Alford just north of the hill with the parking lot, Fix It counted that 20 of 36 of those yellow double line center reflectors were missing.

The embedded reflectors are made by North Carolina-based Ennis-Flint and are called the Stimonsite model 101. The company describes their patented product as “snow-plowable.” Replacement reflectors are available through the company, known as a model C40. It appears these are relatively easy to install.

Other readers also chimed in. DP wrote Fix It: “Every time we ride on Sheridan Road by the Carthage football field we comment how poorly marked the traffic lanes are. On good days the lines are barely detectable and on rainy they are invisible. The situation seems hazardous.”

Another reader pointed out that newer vehicles equipped with lane deviation sensors won’t give a warning if there are no lane markings.

Back in 2017, BS contacted Fix It about the problem and wrote: “Since there are two lanes in each direction, it is essential to stay in one or another as it is often a very busy roadway. The best way to do this is to stay within the painted lines, but they are very faint now, which makes them almost invisible at night. While there are street lights to help see the road, the almost non-existent lane lines are a real problem. Throw in some rainy weather and it’s unnecessarily dangerous.”

Back in 2017, Fix It had contacted the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to ask who was responsible for maintaining the roadway. It’s also known as state Highway 32.

At that time, Michael Pyritz, Wisconsin Department of Transportation regional communication manager, wrote Fix It, “The roadway you asked about is under city of Kenosha control.”

Fix It contacted the city of Kenosha Public Works Department about the problem twice in 2017. Fix It reached out to the city again to ask the city if it can see to it that these heavily-faded lane markings on Alford Park Drive are repainted in 2019.

City responds

Brian Cater, deputy director of Public Works, wrote Fix It: “All items you are asking about are in process of being completed as soon as possible in 2019 as weather and conditions (and) situations allow.”

In a later email, Cater added, “The markings in question were actually included in our 2018 pavement marking program that was shut down before completion due to weather conditions. As weather permits, this section of Alford Drive will be one of the first areas completed.”

MH said: “My question would be, it’s not road repair, it’s striping. …They’re waiting for conditions to get better, I don’t understand that. I would understand that if they’re pouring concrete or laying asphalt or something, but it’s striping.”

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