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Bar's cabaret license revoked after shooting

Bar's cabaret license revoked after shooting


MVP Sports Bar had its cabaret license revoked for 12 months following a shooting at the bar on June 30.

The Kenosha City Council’s License and Permits Committee voted in favor of revoking the license on Tuesday after discussion of a complaint by Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis.

The license is required for the bar to host musicians and DJs,

MVP Sports Bar had only seven security guards during the June 30 incident that was described by both police and bar management as overwhelming. Bar management all stated that they weren’t prepared for the traffic they experienced that night, but during Tuesday’s meeting they didn’t provide the committee with any sort of plan for the future to fix the issue.

“I did not hear a way we could avoid this in the future,” Alderman Anthony Kennedy said.

The bar also had no female security guards, meaning no women entering the bar could be patted down and searched.

MVP Sports Bar didn’t show an ability to control the outside crowd, officials indicated, which remained around the event following the shooting and got in the way of emergency responders, including the ambulance on its way to the shooting victim.

Bar owners Darnell and Trice Rand mentioned inadequate experience running a bar and a learning curve as reasons, but not excuses, for the incident.

Another issue that arose for the committee was the fact the entire Kenosha Police Department that was available had to show up at the scene, with more officers coming from five other departments, which left none available to answer other calls in the community.

During the incident, between five and 10 calls stacked up unanswered.

When events like live music go on at a bar, the police have to already be on notice because of incidents that tend to occur, authorities indicated.

The shooting wasn’t an isolated incident, Miskinis noted. The police have been called to the location on multiple other occasions since its opening in August 2018. The bar has also received citations in the past.

During past visits for calls and inspections, however, MVP Sports Bar management was receptive and willing to hear what they needed to do differently and improve on. That trend continued even after the news they received Tuesday.

“I felt that we didn’t quite understand the severity of this,” Darnell Rand said. “We feel bad for the victim and this is a learning experience for us. We’re going to work on that.”

Neighboring business owners also spoke up during the meeting, bringing up issues with patrons of MVP Sports Bar using their business’s parking space as well as drinking in their parking lots.


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