The Kenosha City Council on Monday gave thumbs up to a $6.61 million contract to build the new 24,000-square-foot Bain Fire Station at the northwest corner of 22nd Avenue and 52nd Street.

In addition, aldermen approved without objection an increase of $800,000 in 2018 Capital Improvement Program borrowing for the project.

The construction contract was awarded to Stuckey Construction Co., of Waukegan, Ill., whose base bid of $5.75 million was the lowest among the bidding five contractors.

The contract awarded to Stuckey, at the recommendation of the city’s Public Works Department, added $862,000 to the base bid in contingency costs for unforeseen conditions, if needed, bringing the total award to $6.61 million.

Included among the bidders were four Wisconsin companies, including two from Kenosha, Camosy Construction and Rasch Construction, who submitted respective base bids of $6.19 million and $5.84 million.

The additional $800,000 funding approved Monday is needed to cover the increased cost of construction related to soil replacement regarding poor subgrade conditions discovered after razing of the former Bain Elementary School.

The city has coordinated rebuilding of the intersection of 52nd Street and 22nd Avenue to accommodate fire station traffic, as well as reconstruction of 22nd Avenue in that area.

The plan is to close stations Nos. 3 and 5 and consolidate their resources in the new station. Station 3 is at Roosevelt Road and 22nd Avenue. Station 5 is at Washington Road and 22nd Avenue.

Firefighters and city officials have said that Station 5 is not able to accommodate larger fire trucks and is in desperate need of repair. They also said the new station will allow for quicker response to areas of the city with high demand.

City officials have said no firefighters would lose their jobs, and there may even be a need for increased staffing for the new station.