The city has been approved for a $50,000 state grant for future construction of a pedestrian promenade on the north side of the harbor.

The estimated $320,000 project will add 850 feet of walkway with a knee-high, concrete barrier almost identical to the current path on the south side of the harbor.

The wall will be dual purpose, serving as a seating area and erosion stopper on the north side of the harbor.

“We had some pretty heavy winds last week and some pretty big rollers that came down the harbor,” Ald. Mitchell Pedersen said. “That washes up on the shore on that side because we have no protective wall. It’s been doing quite a bit of damage with the lake levels we have.”

The promenade would begin at the Kenosha Yacht Club, 5130 Fourth Ave., and connect to the existing Simmons Island boardwalk.

It could aid with public safety, allowing emergency responders improved access to the Kenosha Harbor and Lake Michigan.

The project could begin sometime this year, according to Pedersen.

“Once we get the funds and everything designed and put to bid, it could be late summer or early fall,” Pedersen said. “Everything has to line up. If it doesn’t, it could be early spring of next year.”

The grant is from the Department of Administration Division of Intergovernmental Relations Wisconsin Coastal Management Program. The agreement requires the city to invest a minimum of $132,000 in the project.