A Kenosha woman and her boyfriend showcased their big win on “The Price is Right” during a watch party at Mason’s Eatery and Pub Thursday.

Chantal Pearson and James Ising were in attendance at the game show, shot in Los Angeles, for an episode back in April where Ising was picked to play and won a 2019 Honda Fit.

After watching the episode for the first time, Ising couldn’t believe that it happened and that he and Pearson got to be on national TV.

“I can’t explain it,” Ising said. “I’m speechless.”

After making it on stage, Ising won the car playing Balance Game, making his choice on how much the car was worth quickly. The car was worth $17,885.

Ising made it to the Final Showcase where he nearly won trips to Spain and Nepal and a new kitchen. His guess was less than $200 off the other contestant’s guess.

“Walking into the set, you feel like you’re walking into a different world,” Ising said.

“It was the most exhilarating experience I’ve had in my whole life,” Pearson said.

Along with the car, Ising won a GPS system and a license plate holder that says, “I won this car on The Price is Right.”

The two enjoyed watching themselves, laughing and joking about their time on the show with their friends and family.

“Way off,” Ising yelled at the TV when he guessed the value of $1,900 shoes was $700.

The couple got two tickets for the show while catering at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, Calif., for their business Ramblers Roasted Nut Co.

Ising will pick up his car from a local dealership once contacted about it now that the episode has aired.