A dog and a cat were shot in separate incidents recently.

In the dog incident, a man told police he shot a neighbor’s dog after it rushed into his yard and attacked his Labrador retriever.

Pleasant Prairie Police were called to investigate the incident Tuesday afternoon. According to the police report, a resident of the 11100 block of Third Avenue reported his neighbor had shot his dog. The neighbor also called police.

According to the police report, the investigating officer reported that the neighbor, a 31-year-old man, said he was doing yard work at his home on Fourth Avenue with his own dog in the yard with him.

While they were outside, he said, two dogs rushed into his yard and attacked his Labrador. When he tried to intervene, he told police, according to the report, one of the dogs turned on him and he shot it with the handgun he was carrying.

The two dogs then ran from his yard.

Evidence at the scene, including a bullet hole in a fence and a shell casing found in the yard, supported the man’s story, police said.

According to the report, the Labrador had a large bite wound near its tail.

Social media posts about the dog that was shot reported that the dog is going to recover from the shooting.

The owner of the dog that was shot was cited for having an unleashed dog. The owner of the dog that was shot could not be reached for comment.

Cat shot

A cat had to be euthanized after it was found to have a bullet lodged in its spine.

Sandy Majest of Kenosha Forgotten Friends, an animal rescue group, said she received a call from Safe Harbor Humane Society last week about a cat that had been dropped off by someone who said they found the animal injured near 60th Street and 35th Avenue April 12. They believed the cat had been hit by a car.

Kenosha Forgotten Friends works with injured and special needs animals, and agreed to take the cat and provide treatment. The cat could not move its hind legs.

Majest said when X-rays were taken of the cat, the veterinarian found that a bullet was lodged in the cat’s spine, leaving it paralyzed and with serious internal injuries that could not be repaired.

“If this is going on, people need to be aware of it and report it,” Majest said.