2020 election cycle full of opportunity
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2020 election cycle full of opportunity

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The 2020 election cycle includes a full slate of elected municipal government and school board seats — including all 23 Kenosha County Board seats, the city of Kenosha mayoral seat and all 17 aldermanic seats.

Those interested in running for office have until Jan. 7 to circulate and file nomination papers with the clerks from the respective government bodies and school districts.

If needed, the primary election will be Feb. 18. The general election will be April 7.

Kenosha County

County Board

Terms are two years. The incumbents:

District 1 – William Grady

District 2 – Terry Rose

District 3 – Jeffrey Gentz

District 4 – Laura Belsky

District 5 – David Celebre

District 6 – Edward Kubicki

District 7 – Daniel Gaschke

District 8 – Zach Rodriquez

District 9 – John O’Day

District 10 – Andy Berg

District 11 – Ronald J. Frederick

District 12 – Gabe Nudo

District 13 – John Franco

District 14 – Boyd Frederick

District 15 – Amy Maurer

District 16 – Daniel C. Esposito

District 17 – Jeff Wamboldt

District 18 – Monica Yuhas

District 19 – Michael J. Skalitzky

District 20 – John Poole

District 21 – Mark Nordigian

District 22 – Erin Decker

District 23 – Dennis Elverman

Circuit Court Judge Branch 3

Incumbent: Judge Bruce Schroeder

City of Kenosha

Terms for mayor and municipal judge are for four years. Aldermanic terms are two years. The incumbents:


John Antaramian

Aldermanic districts and incumbents

District 1 – Eric Haugaard

District 2 – Bill Siel

District 3 – Jan Michalski

District 4 – Holly Kangas

District 5 – Rocco J. LaMacchia Sr.

District 6 – Dave Paff

District 7 – Patrick A. Juliana

District 8 – Bruce C. Fox

District 9 – Keith W. Rosenberg

District 10 – Anthony Kennedy

District 11 – Stephanie L. Kemp

District 12 – Mitchell Petersen

District 13 – Curt Wilson

District 14 – Daniel Proznski Jr.

District 15 – Jack Rose

District 16 – Dominic Ruffalo

District 17 – David F. Bogdala

Municipal Judge

Michael Easton

Fave Five: Reporter Jill Tatge-Rozell

As the year draws to a close, the Kenosha News is taking a look back on 2019 and sharing the favorite five stories that each of our reporters has written this year.

These are the five favorite stories picked by reporter Jill Tatge-Rozell, due to their impact on the community and the important issues contained therein. 

Residents who live along Highway KR were pleased Thursday to see their involvement has resulted in “small wins” as the state Department of Tra…


Terms are two years, unless otherwise noted.


Two trustee seats: Incumbents are Ruth Atwood and Carolyn Owens

Paddock Lake

Three trustee seats: Incumbents are Bob Spencer, Gloria Walter and Barb Brenner

Pleasant Prairie

Trustee No. 2: incumbent is Mike Pollocoff

Trustee No. 4: Incumbent is Michael Serpe

Salem Lakes

Three trustee seats: Incumbents are Dennis Faber, Ron Gantz and Bill Hopkins

Judge: incumbent is Mike Langel


Three trustee seats: Incumbents are David Geertsen, Karl Ostby and Joe Smith

Twin Lakes

Three trustee seats, incumbents are Tom Connolly, Barbara Andres and Jeremy Knoll


Terms are for two years.


Supervisor No. 2: Incumbent is Robert Gehring

Supervisor No. 4: incumbent is Mark Halvey


Supervisor No. 2: Incumbent is James Arnes

Note: Brighton, Wheatland and Paris do not have any seats up for election.


All seats are for a three-year term unless otherwise noted.

Kenosha Unified

Two seats: Incumbents are Dan Wade and Yolanda Adams (appointed to fill seat vacated by Gary Kunich)


One seat: Incumbent is Judy Uhlenhake


Two seats: Incumbents are David Blair and Sue Kratowicz


Two seats: Incumbents are Rhett Suhre and Steven Turner


One seat: Incumbent is Curt Nikula


Two seats: Incumbents are Jim O’Connell and Tracy Strother


Two seats: Incumbents are Bert Christensen and Cheryl Masnova


Two seats: Incumbents are Theodore Goergen and Dana Powers


Two seats: Incumbents are Bill Barhyte and Mike Murdock

Central High

Paris seat: Incumbent is Dustin Beth

Salem Lakes seat: Incumbent is Karn Shoopman

Wheatland Center

Two seats: Incumbents are Rachael Crane and Troy Bruley

Wilmot High

Three seats: Incumbents are Sam Barranco, Steve Turner and Jim Walker


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