Dumping on 30th Avenue: Tires, box mattresses, a TV, lounge chair and a couch are among the items piling up alongside a gravel road that separates two properties on the west side of 30th Avenue between 80th Street and 85th Street in the city of Kenosha.

Today’s problem: “It’s been there for years,” JD said, who contacted Fix It to complain about a pile of stuff they drive by, every day, on the south side of Kenosha.

JD wrote, “The main north-south route that I use to get around town is 30th Avenue. In the stretch between 80th and 85th streets there is not much to see except for Snap-on on the east side of the road. On the west side of the road is undeveloped land with only one access point.

“People seem to think that the access road to this land (which I assume is private property; there is a large ‘for sale’ sign propped up right next to the access road) is their own personal dump.

“There are couches, recliners, and most recently, a large load of tires all dumped in there. Is there a way to hold someone accountable to clean this mess up?” JD asked.

“I understand that it’s unfair to the property owner that lazy people can’t be bothered to dispose of their trash the correct way, but isn’t there a law or ordinance that says property owners need to keep their property clear of large debris? It is an eyesore.

“A larger issue needs to be addressed here as well, and that is the fact that people need to be held accountable for dumping their garbage at the site.

“I think it costs a few bucks (to use the city’s bulk waste drop-off site) but clearly these people couldn’t be bothered to do the right thing.

“Perhaps the property owner could put up some sort of barrier to prevent cars from entering the site? That would help stop the dumpers,” JD wrote.

Observations: Fix It took a look at the location last Saturday.

Among the items piling up alongside this gravel access road that separates the two properties are a whole lot of used tires, mattresses, a TV, a lounge chair and a couch.

Fix It contacted the city of Kenosha Department of Community Development and Inspections and the Public Works department to ask about the location.

City responds: Richard Kath, supervisor of inspections for the city, wrote, “The city has looked at the dumping. The city will contact the county to issue an order to clean it up. The county will contact the property owners.

“An inspector from the county health department will be inspecting the site tomorrow morning (Wednesday of this week.)”

Bulk waste pickup, drop-off available

JD reminds us that the city does offer a bulk waste pickup service for city residents as well as a bulk waste drop-off site.

Bulk waste pickup: Residential curbside bulk waste collection is available by scheduled pickup.

Residents are allotted four free bulk pickups annually.

Additional pickups can be requested for a $50 fee, which must be paid before collection is scheduled.

The city accepts bulk materials from city residents and residential property owners only; no commercial disposal is allowed.

Collection is scheduled for the same day as your regular garbage collection day.

To schedule a pickup, please call the Public Works Department at 262-653-4050 at least one business day prior to your regular garbage day.

Bulk waste drop-off: The city’s bulk waste drop-off site is at 1001 50th St. It is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturdays. It is open to city residents only; no commercial disposal is allowed and proof of residence is required.

While residents may drop off vehicle tires (without rims) and vehicle batteries Tuesday through Saturday, other bulk waste is accepted on two days only: Tuesday and Saturday.

Residents must purchase one bulk ticket for each cubic yard of debris, and all bulk tickets are non-refundable and do not expire. Tickets cost $7 each and are sold at the following locations:

City of Kenosha Public Works Department: 625 52nd St., Room 305.

Perrine’s Gas & Groceries: 5145 Sheridan Road.

Manny’s Food & Liquor: 2121 45th St.

Mobil Gas: 4924 Sheridan Road.

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