Today’s problem: A reader contacted Fix It to complain about the condition of Roosevelt Park, 6801 34th Ave., just north of Roosevelt Elementary School.

TR wrote, “I am hoping attention can come to light for the very sad state of a once previously thriving baseball and softball diamond at Roosevelt Park in Kenosha.

“This past weekend I went to the softball field with family and found it in such poor shape!

“My father was hoping to practice baseball at the field with his two grandsons and just kept shaking his head at how a city can let such a once-beautiful softball field just basically disappear.

“There has been no proper maintenance to this beautiful and large ball diamond in years. ... The infield is overgrown and has become a field of grass.

“I grew up blocks away and my father has lived in the neighbor his whole life so far of 62 years and just can’t believe this.

“Have we focused so much on the downtown revitalization that these beautiful inner-city parks are left to disappear?

“Today’s youth, more than ever, need these places steps from their front doors, to swing a bat and play catch with family!”

Observations: Fix It visited Roosevelt Park on a recent Sunday afternoon.

The doors to the restrooms were locked. Garbage was piled up on the west side of the park. Swings were missing from a swing set. A door to the tennis court was hanging broken. Broken benches lined both sides of the softball field. The infield on the softball diamond was overgrown with grass.

Fix It contacted the Kenosha Public Works and Parks departments with these:

Can the Parks Department repair the softball field infield and benches at Roosevelt Park and bring it back to usable condition?

Can the broken door on the tennis court be repaired?

Can the missing swings on the swing set be replaced and the garbage piled up collected?

Does the splash pad work? When does it get turned on for the season?

City responds: Jeff Warnock, Parks Department superintendent, wrote, “The splash pad will be turned on when both city pools are put into operation, around June 15.

“All swings are to be removed, and a new play platform in partnership with Roosevelt School will be installed some time this summer.

“We will be removing the player benches as soon as possible.

“We have scheduled the painting of the fence backstop for later this summer.

“We will be repairing the fence gates on the pickle ball and tennis courts as soon as possible.

“The Parks Division has decided to grow grass in the infields of all ball fields that have not been rented for at least the last three years.

“This decision was made because of the costs for materials and the maintenance for the upkeep of the infields.

“We have not received a request for permits for the Roosevelt ballfield for three seasons.

“The grass areas need to be sprayed for weeds and grass growth as it takes approximately two to three seasons to create playable grass lawn surface for casual play.

“Roosevelt, Petretti and Columbus ballfields are all going to have grass infields so area children can play pickup ball games and the maintenance costs to the Parks Division can be reduced.”

Reader TR again: “It’s just a sad state of affairs. It’s just not maintained,” TR said in a follow-up phone call before the city’s response.

TR offered to do some of the repair work and suggested a fundraiser for the park.

TR said, “Hey, I’ll buy boards” and install them. “Maybe that’s the quicker, easier way for the public to help out.”

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