Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics Inc. is one of at least 10 stem cell companies in Madison, most started by UW-Madison researchers. The others:

BrainXell: Founded by neuroscientist Su-Chun Zhang, the company produces brain cells from stem cells.

Cellular Logistics: Focused on repairing injured heart muscle, its co-founders include scientist Eric Schmuck and Drs. Peiman Hematti, a specialist in blood disorders, and Amish Raval, a cardiologist.

JangoBio: Based on research by gerontologist Craig Atwood, the company is developing therapies to reverse age-related hormone imbalances.

Nucleus Biologics: Formerly known as Primorigen Biosciences, it sells tools to help stem cells grow efficiently, including in large-scale production.

Opsis Therapeutics: Based on research by Dr. David Gamm, an ophthalmologist, the company is developing treatments for blinding disorders.

Regenerative Medical Solutions: Based on research by Dr. Jon Odorico, a transplant surgeon, the company is developing a cell therapy for diabetes.

Stemina Biomarker Discovery: Founded by attorney Elizabeth Donley and scientist Gabriela Cesar, it uses stem cells to screen drugs or chemicals for birth defects and identify biomarkers for autism.

Stem Pharm: A spinoff from the lab of biomedical engineer William Murphy, it sells materials to help stem cells grow into complex tissues.

WiCell: A nonprofit, it distributes many types of stem cells, including the original five lines by James Thomson.

— David Wahlberg, dwahlberg@madison.com