There were three results possible Tuesday night for Kenosha’s Betsy Ade, who is a contestant on this season of “The Voice.”

She could win her “battle” and stay on the show; lose and go home; or get saved by a coach on the show.

During Monday night’s “cross battles” — pitting singers from opposing teams against each other — Team Kelly’s Betsy Ade faced off against Kim Cherry of Team Blake (Shelton), with viewers then able to vote for one of the singers to move on in the competition.

Voting — online and through the “Voice” app — started Monday night after the show and ended at 6 a.m. Tuesday.

Kelly Clarkson, Ade’s “Voice” team coach, told her, “I’m so hoping America votes you through because I really have believed in you. I’m so glad I got the chance to work with you and steal you from John (Legend). You’re a standout.”

Ade and Cherry stood together on the stage Tuesday night — and Carson Daly announced that Cherry had topped Ade in the voting.

At this stage in the show, the public — not the show’s judges — determine whether or not a singer remains with the show.

When Daly revealed that Cherry had received more votes than Ade, the other judges had 10 seconds to decide whether or not to steal Ade.

It took John Legend and Adam Levine less than 2 seconds to hit their buttons.

“Betsy Ade is not going anywhere,” Daly screamed. “We didn’t even have time to feel sorry for you.”

Levine reminded Ade that Legend “had let you go” last week when he selected a different singer to stay with his team. He also said it’s a good idea to work with three different judges on the show.

“I want you on my team so, so badly,” he added. (Levine had also turned his chair during the show’s blind auditions, along with Legend, with Ade choosing to join Legend’s team.)

Legend said he loves “everything about you” to Ade.

In the end, Ade agreed that “the opportunity to work with three different coaches on this show is an amazing opportunity, so I gotta go with Adam.”

In the ping-pong world that is “The Voice,” Ade is now on Team Adam.

More importantly, she moves on in the competition.