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The Kenosha County District Attorney’s office would be able to add a new prosecutor position under a plan announced by Gov. Tony Evers Tuesday.

Evers released a plan that would provide funding for nearly 65 new assistant district attorney positions allocated to 56 Wisconsin counties. Kenosha would receive funding to add one new full-time prosecutor to the office.

“For far too long our county district attorney offices have been doing more with less,” Evers said in a statement released from his office.

“This historic investment will enable our county officials to improve victim services, enhance diversion and treatment options for those struggling with substance use disorders and address backlogs that are standing in the way of justice.”

District attorneys around the state have been lobbying for additional staff, saying offices have not been able to keep up with growing caseloads.

The state has not allocated general purpose revenue funds for additional full-time staff at the offices for the last 10 years.

Evers vetoed a plan in the Republican budget that provided money for some counties to add staff, but excluded others.

Under the Republican plan, Milwaukee County would have received no additional positions.

The Evers plan is based on a review and recommendation from the state Department of Administration and the State Prosecutors Office

Joel Brennan, secretary of the Department of Administration, said in a letter to Evers that the staff allocation recommendations are based on district attorney requests and an analysis of staffing needs “based on creation or expansion of treatment alternatives and diversion programs,” victim programs, case backlogs and staff workload.

Under the plan, Milwaukee and Brown counties will get three new positions, Marathon County will get 3.5, and several counties, including Racine, will get two new positions.

Kenosha is one of 17 counties that will get one additional position. Other counties will receive funding for part-time positions.

The Kenosha County District Attorney’s office currently has 16 assistant district attorney positions, along with District Attorney Michael Graveley and Deputy District Attorney Angelina Gabriele.