The Shopko Stores Operating Co. Wednesday formally announced that it would lay off employees and close 11 Wisconsin stores on May 6, including the store in Kenosha.

In a letter to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Shopko chief human resources officer Denise Domian said all employees at the stores will be let go on the date that it closes.

The closure of the Kenosha and Racine stores will affect 104 employees — 52 at each location.

Statewide, 575 employees at 11 stores will lose their jobs.

Last week, the company announced it would relocate the optical departments from the stores being closed to freestanding locations.

Company officials have not announced where that will be in Kenosha and Racine.

Earlier this year, Shopko sold some of its pharmacy departments to Kroger and Walgreens. The Kenosha pharmacy operation has been moved to Pick ’n Save, 5710 75th St.

Shopko is closing 70 percent of its stores in an attempt to reorganize and emerge from bankruptcy.

In December, Shopko closed 39 stories in 19 states and announced it was getting out of the pharmacy business.

The list expanded to more than 100 stores in January when it filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors.

It added another 139 locations last week.