PARIS — A scaled-down version of a gymnasium addition to Paris School with an attached community center and a new community park at the Town Hall were presented by the Paris Legacy Committee Tuesday.

Committee chairman Roger Gahart said the committee developed the plan on behalf of the community, presented an initial plan in February, solicited feedback on the plan, made changes and is “turning it over” to the Town Board to determine if it wishes to move forward.

“We’re not here stumping for a project,” Garhart said. “It will be up to the Town Board and the committee to determine how this proceeds.”

Gahart said, based on feedback, the committee worked to reduce the estimated cost of the project, address concerns about overlap of school and community center use and ensure student safety if a community center attached to the school is open during the school day.

For example, the community center addition was moved to the south side of the gymnasium. It would have its own parking lot, and daytime access would be secured from access to the school.

The projected cost was reduced by reducing square footage and changing the design to a single-story building.

Highlights of the final draft:

A 14,000-square-foot gymnasium addition to Paris School with an indoor walking track.

A 6,340-square-foot community center with a fitness area, locker rooms and multi-purpose rooms at the south end of the school.

A playground, walkways and 60-foot-by-40-foot pavilion at the Town Hall property.

Of the 158 residents who responded to a survey on Election Day this spring, 93 said they would use a park and 61 said they would not. Similarly, 96 respondents said they would use a community center compared to 53 who said they would not.

Cost: $6.9 million

Total cost if pursued is estimated at $6.9 million. A proposal for covering the cost presented Tuesday showed the town contributing $5.25 million and the school contributing $575,000 through a multi-jurisdictional agreement.

Additionally, $500,000 in private corporate funding would support the addition of a gymnasium, $400,000 in private funding would support construction of the Community Center, and $200,000 would support development of the town park.

The Town Board accepted the report and will discuss it at a future meeting.