A 22-year-old woman was in her bedroom at her home when she noticed something she did not recognize sitting on shelf in her closet.

The “small, square-shaped black-colored item” was sitting on the top shelf of the open closet, according to a criminal complaint filed in Kenosha County Court Friday.

She did not know what the object was, “but thought the front of it, which was pointing toward her bed, was a camera lens.” The words “Sir Gawain G007” were printed on the device.

According to the woman, she took the device to her boyfriend and they looked up Sir Gawain G007 online, learning it was a spy camera. Advertisements for the camera, which sells for about $42, describe it as a “small, high definition nanny cam with night vision and motion detection — perfect for indoor covert.” The camera is about the size of a dice.

Roman Ostojic, 42, of Kenosha — the woman’s stepfather — was charged Friday for his actions in allegedly placing the camera in the woman’s closet. Ostojic was charged with “invasion of privacy-surveillance device” and capturing an intimate representation without consent, along with drug charges.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the videos captured on the camera when investigators surveyed the images was Ostojic placing the camera on the shelf.

The complaint states that Ostojic told investigators an anabolic steroid called Testo-Enan-1 that he was buying online without a prescription “messes with his mind and described it as being a teenager with raging hormones.” He told the investigators “the urge to see (the woman) naked got the better of me.”

Before she contacted police, according to the complaint, the woman confronted Ostojic then moved out of the house. She destroyed the camera, but took out the SD card that stored the videos in the camera, turning it over to police when she reported the incident. The card had several stored videos, including one that showed Ostojic placing the camera, others that showed the woman in her room as she changed her clothing.

According to the complaint, after the woman confronted Ostojic he was asked to leave the family home and went to stay with his parents in Trevor.

Kenosha Police served a search warrant on the Trevor home on the 23600 block of 119th Street and collected belongings including a laptop and cell phone. Police also found prescription pills, marijuana wax and drug paraphernalia.

In an interview with a detective, according to the complaint, Ostojic said he had placed the camera in the woman’s room “four or five times” and had downloaded videos the camera recorded of the woman changing her clothing in which he could see her partially dressed. He told the detective he deleted the videos of the woman from his laptop “this morning when it all came crashing down.”

Several people have been prosecuted in Kenosha County for using spy cameras to illegally capture images of women without their knowledge. In one high-profile case, then-employee Karl Landt persuaded his coworker Melissa Wenckebach to place cameras in women’s locker rooms at Uline and at the Pleasant Prairie RecPlex in 2014. They were arrested and prosecuted after a gym member found a camera at the RecPlex and called police. Landt was sentenced to 12 years in prison, Wenckebach to six years.

In 2016, a popular DJ in the Kenosha area was charged after he placed a hidden camera that looked like a pen in the women’s restroom of a tavern where he was working, secretly capturing images of partially unclothed women as they used the bathroom. Christopher Bohatkiewicz, who also had additional charges for child pornography for downloaded material found at his home, was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Ostojic is charged with one count of capturing an intimate representation without consent, a felony that carries a maximum penalty of 18 months of initial confinement in prison. The additional charges against him are misdemeanors.

Defense attorney Terry Rose said Ostojic would have no comment on the charges. “He does intend to enter a plea of not guilty,” Rose said.

Ostojic was released on a signature bond and is next expected to appear in court Aug. 21 for a preliminary hearing.

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