A 38-year-old Caledonia man called Kenosha Police at 9:53 a.m. Wednesday saying a man with a gun had threatened him.

The man said he was driving to an auto repair shop called The Garage in Kenosha, but his GPS directed him to a tavern of the same name at 3001 60th St. A friend had followed in another vehicle to give him a ride after he dropped off the car.

Confused, the man said he went to the building to see if he was at the right place and was told by a person associated with the bar to leave.

He walked to his friend’s car to talk to him, then went to his own car to find the person from the bar had, he told police, blocked him in with a pickup truck.

The man said he walked up to the truck to explain his mistake, and the person in the truck had a handgun in his hand, swore at him and told him to get out. He said the man racked the gun, but did not point it directly at him or say he was going to shoot him.

The man took a photo of the truck’s license plate, left, and then contacted police.

Police spoke to the person in the truck, who was associated with The Garage. He told police he thought the men were drug dealers and said he had his gun in his truck but denied pointing it at the man.

The police report said the call was unfounded and that there was no criminal intent.