WILMOT — For once Mother Nature has given the Kenosha County Fair a break.

Usually swathed in humidity, baked by high temperatures, or drowned by summer thunderstorms, this year’s county fair has featured mild weather all week.

Saturday the fair featured picture perfect conditions with a temperature of 76 degrees, a mild breeze and sunshine.

“The weather has mirrored a standout fair so far,” according to Denise Zirbel, fair manager. “We didn’t get the rain that Kenosha got on Wednesday.

“It’s going extremely well,” she said. “The events have been filled in the grandstands. It’s been a nice, quiet fair.”

Zirbel said overall attendence is expected to be about 50,000, which is average.

As of Saturday morning, attendance was down about 2,000 from previous years at the same time, but Saturday is also typically the busiest day of the fair, so numbers are expected to pick up.

Saturday’s events included the County Fair Livestock Auction at the fairgrounds in Wilmot. See more at kenoshanews.com and in Monday’s Kenosha News.

Today is the final day of the county fair. See today’s complete schedule in today’s edition on Page A6.