Man allegedly threatens to shoot neighbor, dog after pet walks on his lawn

A 48-year-old Kenosha man is alleged to have threatened to shoot his neighbor and her dog after the dog walked on his lawn.

The 50-year-old woman called police Wednesday morning. She said she had taken her dog for a walk outside her home on the 1600 block of 61st Street and said the dog pulled away from her and ran away with its leash. According to a police report, she told officers that when she walked onto the man’s lawn on the 1400 block of 61st to retrieve the dog, the man came out onto his porch holding a handgun and yelled “get your (expletive) dog out of my yard before I shoot you and your (expletive) dog.”

When police went to talk to the man he tried to slam his door in the officers’ faces, according to the report. He denied having had his gun outside, although it was sitting about two feet from him when officers got him to talk to them, and he said he told the woman he was going to shoot her dog in the head.

Another resident of the street told police he saw the man on his porch and overheard him threatening to shoot the woman.

Police said the man was going to be cited for disorderly conduct.

Racine woman arrested for disorderly conduct during outdoor concert

A group of people watching live music at Peanut Butter and Jam complained to police that they were being harassed by a “crazy drunk lady who is trying to take our beers.”

A man from the group approached a Kenosha Police officer at the event late Thursday afternoon with his complaint. The officer kept an eye on the group and saw the woman approach them and appear to try to strike the man who complained.

When the officer tried to talk to the 53-year-old Racine woman, the police report states, she “did not cooperate whatsoever.” After the woman continued to yell she was arrested pending a disorderly conduct charge.

On Wednesday, the same woman received a municipal citation for disorderly conduct after she caused a scene at a Kenosha dollar store and threatened a clerk.