A massive environmental cleanup at the former site of the Chrysler Engine Plant is nearing completion, according to city officials.

The 107-acre site, located east of 30th Avenue between 52nd and 60th streets, was demolished in 2012.

City workers continue monitoring groundwater at the site — following final stages of soil remediation — and are in the process of applying top soil and hydroseeding throughout the property.

“They’re about halfway through with the seeding so that grass can grow in that area,” said Greg Boldt, assistant city engineer. “They started on the east side and are continuing through the west. With the wet weather, it’s taken longer than expected.”

The city of Kenosha has hired a Texas-based consulting company to help transform the site into a future technology hub.

It would include an education/research/technology center focused on jobs of the future and include public and private partnerships in addition to on-site education and training.

The city still needs to clear an enormous pile of crushed concrete from the former building slabs. The material is being used by the city for other projects and sold to area contractors, according to Boldt.

The site could be fully restored in 2020.

“How soon will depend on the developer and who comes in and what condition they want the site,” Boldt said. “I think we’re nearing that now.”