UNION GROVE — Village officials plan to distribute a community survey in the fall to get citizen feedback “outside of the social media circles,” according to Village President Mike Aimone.

Intended to serve as a sort of SWOT — strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats — analysis, the survey is in preliminary planning stages.

The village has not yet published a draft, but Village Administrator Michael Hawes said in an email that questions would cover a range of topics within the village, including future planning, amenities and quality of life.

The Village Board on June 24 asked its Administration Committee to craft the survey.

The committee met on July 8 to determine some of the questions, and Hawes said he expects a final draft of the survey to be presented at the July 22 Village Board meeting.

The survey comes at a crossroads for the village, as it is faced with growth from several proposed housing developments spurred by the Foxconn Technology Group development in Mount Pleasant, but is also landlocked by the municipal incorporation of neighboring Yorkville, which surrounds Union Grove.

“We agreed it would be a good time to do a community survey so that we get a greater cross-section of opinions from everyone in the community,” Aimone said.

Hawes said there will not be questions on the survey regarding people’s opinions on specific proposed developments.

Three multimillion-dollar housing developments are at various stages of approval and construction, representing a potential for almost 600 new housing units in the village, with most of them being rentals.