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Watch Now: A re-barkable reunion: Three Labrador retrievers reunited in Kenosha
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Watch Now: A re-barkable reunion: Three Labrador retrievers reunited in Kenosha


In this day of having to keep our distance, there wasn’t anything that could prevent three brothers from coming together this week in the rarest of ways.

When those three brothers are actually yellow Labrador retrievers, the story becomes even more unusual.

But that’s what happened, and everything came together — as odd as it may seem — Thursday at the Bark Away Doggie Daycare, 7050 70th Court.

Owner Cortney Pulera said the family reunion started to fall into place a few weeks ago when the first of the 1-year-old trio, Rizzo Savage, was joined by another lab, Finn.

Rizzo Savage has been at the facility two to three days a week since January, and when the staff looked at Finn and saw quite the resemblance, they checked the dogs’ birthdays and realized all three were born May 17, 2019.

“We thought, ‘Man, these two boys look a lot alike,’ and then we popped into the system and realized they had the same birthday,” Pulera said.

The third piece to the brotherly puzzle, Yelich, arrived Thursday, and when his birthday matched the two others, along with some investigative work on Facebook, it all started to add up, Pulera said.

“The parents didn’t know, they don’t know each other,” she said. “We had Finn’s birthday picture up (on Facebook) on Monday and it was Rizzo Savage’s mom who said, ‘I wonder where they got Finn, they have the same birthday?’

“Then we tagged Rizzo’s, Finn’s and Yelich’s parents in the post, and it all unfolded that way.”

All three came from Wisconsin Dells breeder Michael Slaght and are owned by separate Kenosha families.

Slaght was among the many who commented on the daycare’s Facebook page.

“It’s crazy how much they all look like their mama and they all tilt their heads just like her,” he wrote. “I’m so glad that after they all left my house that they got reunited. Out of all the litters I’ve had, I’ve never had something like this happen. (It’s) pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.”

And just like brothers will, all three immediately sensed something was up — and the reunion was official.

“The boys absolutely all knew they were brothers,” Pulera said. “They had an absolute blast (playing). It was just so cute how it all unfolded. ... They all just meshed. You could just tell. They got along instantly and they played together all day long. It was so cute.”

It wasn’t just the dogs who enjoyed the experience, either, Pulera said, as the entire day care staff certainly had fun with it as well.

“It was heartwarming and so cute, the three of them,” she said. “We all kept our eyes on them to see (what they were doing). The way they played with each other was like they were never separated and have been together the whole time.”

So what happens from here?

Well, future doggie play dates of course.

“All (the parents) decided to make sure that they’re all here on Thursdays for day care so they can all be together,” Pulera said.

The circumstances surrounding the reunion certainly could be labeled as bizarre at the very least, she added.

“What are the chances that they all reunite at a day care here in Kenosha?” Pulera said. “That’s so cool.”

There’s three brothers here in Kenosha that would certainly agree with that.


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