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Sabbar: A Glympse at where you're at

Sabbar: A Glympse at where you're at


Last week, we talked about how Google’s Location History can track exactly where you go, but my experience had shown that it didn’t really do that, while some people’s experience showed it tracked them even when they didn’t want it to.

This week, we discuss a smartphone app called Glympse, recommended by my work colleague, Chris.

He has it on his phone so that his wife can track him when he is on bike rides, hikes, or runs. Using the app, she could identify if he’s stuck too long in one place and might have a flat tire.

Glympse is different than a location tracker in that it is intended to allow one or more people of your choice to track your movement during a specific amount of time.

It requires you to have the Glympse app on your mobile device.

The person that you share your location with can either view your location in the app on their device or in a web browser on their computer.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the App Store on your phone, and install the Glympse app.

2. It will prompt you for your phone number and send a confirmation code; enter it on the confirmation screen.

3. Open the app. It will ask you to allow it to access your location. Clearly, it needs to do this to work! You can choose to always let it know your location or only when the app is specifically running. (If you get the setting wrong or want to check, go to Settings, click the Glympse app, then set the Location setting to either “While Using” or “Always”)

4. In the app, you will first see your location on a map. To complete the setup, click the Settings (three horizontal line) icon at the top left corner. Type in your name and tap Done.

5. When you are ready to share your location with another person, tap “Share Location,” just below your name.

6. Fill out the screen by entering the email address of the person at the top.

It will prompt you to use your Contacts if you want. You can also add a message and a destination, although those are optional.

Below that, use the slider to determine the number of minutes or hours that you want to share. The maximum is 12 hours, and for anything over 4 hours, it will recommend that you plug your device into power.

Also tap the icon at the right to indicate if you will be traveling by car, by bike, or by foot.

When you have finished filling out the screen, tap Send at the upper right.

This will send an email to the address you indicated.

7. On the receiving end, the person will get an email with a button they can click to “View this Glympse.”

That will open a map and show your location.

It also shows a timer indicating how much time is left.

As you travel, the map will be updated not only with the current location but also with the path that you have followed since the Glympse started.

Chris notes that the Glympse will use up your phone battery quickly, so use it judiciously.


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