"We all have a concern that the nation not be waiting for Wisconsin," Wisconsin Elections Commissioner Dean Knudson said during their October 20 special teleconference meeting. The commission addressed a letter they received from Outagamie County outlining a small printing flaw on some of their absentee ballots which asks the commission to grant a waiver or exception for them. However, the commission does not have the authority to do so and are expected to promptly send a letter back addressing that as to not hold up any potential litigation. Election Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe said that there is a potential to fix the ballot if the county pursued it through the court. "Personally, I'm more comfortable with them using a Sharpie to correct the printing defect," Knudson said adding that the re-production process could lend itself to error. "It seems to me that whether the commission gives guidance or not, I mean certainly what we could do is point directly to how to re-make a ballot and offer the court that following that procedure for filling in the mark would provide similar guarantees of transparency and trustworthiness," Commission Chair Ann Jacobs said. The commission later approved a newly drafted letter.

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