Windy II, Madeline, Friends Good Will, Appledore IV, Nina and S/V Denis Sullivan take part in the Tall Ships Days of Discovery festival in 2007 at the Kenosha Harbor. Tall ships will return to Kenosha in August.

The tall ships are returning to Kenosha.

It has been more than a decade since Kenosha hosted a tall ships festival, but the spectacular sight of brigantines, schooners and other tall ships will once again line the Kenosha harbor next summer, as the city hosts the Tall Ships Challenge in the Great Lakes.

Kenosha is one of 11 host ports on the Great Lakes in 2019 — including stops in Canada.

The Tall Ships Challenge travels through the Great Lakes every three years. In 2019, the Challenge begins on June 28 in Lake Ontario, with a port in Toronto. Over the course of 10 weeks, a core fleet of ships will make its way through Lake Erie and Lake Huron, before traveling to Lake Michigan, with ports in Green Bay and Kenosha.

Between ports, Tall Ships America organizes races among the tall ships. The festivals in host ports offer an opportunity for visitors to explore the vessels and meet the crew.

The 2019 event expects to include at least six tall ships for the festival, which will run Aug. 2-4.

Vessels will arrive in a “parade of sails” on the afternoon of Aug. 1, lead by Kenosha’s own tall ship — Red Witch. Red Witch has made the Kenosha harbor its summer home since 2016.

Tour passes will allow people to explore the vessels from stern to bow during the festival.

Specific ships will offer sailing tours on Lake Michigan.

Live entertainment, food and beverage vendors, and children’s activities will add to the festivities.

The city is seeking sponsors to collaborate with Tall Ships America and the city to support this event.

For sponsorship details, contact Kris Kochman at 262-653-4177 or email kkochman@kenosha.org.

Tall Ships America is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting sail training in North America and supporting education aboard and about tall ships.