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Esra Maududi - Lakeview Technology Academy

Esra Maududi

LakeView Technology Academy

Parents: Syed and Shagufta Maududi

Most memorable high school moment: The gene transfer lab activity. It was incredible to actually replicate an innovation that has paved the way for curing so many diseases.

Most influential teacher: Ms. Glembocki

Class taught: AP Biology

Please explain why: I always had an interest in biology, but Ms. Glembocki pushed us to really explore the subject in depth; it was this experience that truly helped me realize I wanted to pursue biology further — specifically molecular biology.

School activities/clubs: Environmental Club, National Honor Society

School offices held: Secretary of National Honor Society; secretary of Environmental Club

Honors, letters or awards: Mayor’s Youth Commission Award; National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence

Out-of-school activities/hobbies: Volunteering as an Islamic studies teacher at the Kenosha mosque

College choice: Northwestern University

Intended major/field of study: Molecular biology

Role model: Deepika Kurup

Three words that best describe my role model: Compassionate and hardworking

What I hope to accomplish in my lifetime: I hope to travel the world and provide medical care to those in impoverished countries, as well as pioneer cost-effective treatments and conditions to better the conditions these individuals live in.