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COMMENTARY: Biden's backwards agenda: Higher prices, higher taxes

COMMENTARY: Biden's backwards agenda: Higher prices, higher taxes

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After more than a year of job-killing lockdowns and social unrest, America is finally starting to turn the corner in the fight against COVID-19. Here in Wisconsin, that means that hardworking small business owners and families from Sheboygan to St. Croix Falls are poised to return to prosperity following unprecedented disruptions to American life. However, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats have other plans.

Senate Republicans Thursday released their latest counter-offer to President Bidens $1.7 trillion infrastructure plan. We believe that this counter offer delivers on what President Biden told us in the Oval Office, said Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, the lead Republican negotiator in the Senate. The White House acknowledged Republicans compromise, but announced in a statement the counteroffer didnt go far enough, making the case for more money to pay for things like veterans hospitals, rail upgrades, and clean water. Serious disagreements remain on how to pay for the bill, with Republicans wanting to pull funds from previous Covid relief bills, previously a nonstarter for the White House.In a statement, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the move could imperil pending aid to small businesses, restaurants and rural hospitals.We should also be clear that there are simply not hundreds of billions of dollars in Covid-relief funds available to repurpose, Karine Jean-Pierre, the Principal Deputy Press Secretary told reporters Wednesday.If the White House is saying if that money has been spent, then they need to show us that, Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania countered Thursday morning. Biden would pay for his plan with tax hikes on corporations and the wealthy, which multiple Republican negotiators have said are off the table.What makes them think we want to undo the tax reform which gave us the greatest economy of our lifetime? Toomey said. Republican leadership signaled negotiations will continue, but may pause for a week, as Senators depart Washington for the Memorial Day weekend. Were going to keep talking, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNBC Thursday.And I understand that the president is willing to keep talking, he added.

Republican policies got us through this pandemic. Operation Warp Speed — President Trump’s groundbreaking vaccine development program — created innovative public-private partnerships that got shots in arms, fast. The Republican-led Paycheck Protection Program kept small businesses afloat throughout the worst months of the pandemic, saving nearly a million Wisconsin jobs. Conservative leadership protected small businesses and Americans alike, offering common-sense tools to fight against the coronavirus. On the other hand, Democrats are offering divisive politics that will take us backward.

Consider Joe Biden’s reckless, irresponsible spending proposals. He is pushing for a whopping $6 trillion in new spending, sure to do devastating damage to our economy just as we get back on our feet. And Biden’s spending isn’t even targeted at solving problems that affect our day-to-day lives. For example, just 7% of his $1.9 trillion “infrastructure” bill goes to projects like airports, roads, bridges, and ports. Much of Biden’s “plan” would fund a far-left wish list of partisan items, proving Democrats’ fundamental disconnect with the American people. Biden’s new budget includes $1.2 billion for a so-called “Green Climate Fund,” $1.4 billion to pursue “environmental justice,” and uses taxpayer money to fund abortions. Something tells me that Wisconsinites care more about making ends meet than underwriting the far-left’s extreme agenda.

Biden’s bloated spending proposals also include $3 trillion in new taxes which will squeeze small businesses and families alike. The last thing Americans need as we rebuild from COVID-19 is careless, hard-left spending that stifles much-needed economic growth. It gets worse: prices for everyday goods are already skyrocketing under Biden. Inflation happens when the government spends and prints too much money, weakening the power of the dollar and making everyday goods more expensive. You’re probably seeing it already. Prices on consumer goods, like meat and furniture, are rising at the fastest pace since 2008, with the price on some goods increasing by double-digit percentages. 86% of Americans are reporting rising prices on goods as diverse as groceries, gas and clothing. Economists from across the political spectrum are warning that the worst is yet to come.

In other words, as the goods you need become more expensive, the government will continue to drive up prices and raise taxes across the nation. That doesn’t make sense, and it’s not what Wisconsinites need right now.

This is where the contrast between Republican and Democrat leadership becomes painfully clear. When faced with a generational pandemic, Republicans worked to provide tangible, solutions-based results that protected you from COVID-19 while working to ensure that your community’s businesses could keep their workers. The second Democrats gained power, they immediately embraced a big-government, tax-and-spend agenda that consolidates power in Washington, D.C., with zero concern for any negative impact on hardworking American citizens in Wisconsin and nationwide.

Democrats offer division. Republicans offer solutions. With the 2022 midterms just around the corner, I’m confident that America will vote for a return to the common-sense, conservative policies that got us through this pandemic.

Ronna McDaniel is chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.


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