Writer: Distressed by how candidates from both parties campaign

Writer: Distressed by how candidates from both parties campaign

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I'm no fan of President Trump. Our economy is good, unemployment is down, trade has improved, while other issues persist.

However, it alarms me to see how persons from both parties campaign. I hope that voters know how the three branches of government work, (or not), to accomplish their mandates to all the people living in the USA.

It is a cinch that Donald J. Trump will be the Republican presidential candidate this fall, and we will be hearing much of the same we’ve heard from him before. It’s clear all of the Democratic candidates for the party's nomination are promising things they cannot necessarily deliver without the support of Congress and, if challenged, the approval of the Supreme Court.

Michael Bloomberg is exceptionally worrisome to me.  In Bloomberg's most recent ads he declares, "I will..." and what follows is a long list of things he claims he will change, enact, revoke or otherwise accomplish as if he were a king. Not really much different from Trump's rhetoric when he campaigns. 

The trouble with Bloomberg is his wealth. Chris Rock once explained the difference between being rich and being wealthy when he said, "Shaquille O'Neal is rich; the man who signs Shaq’s paycheck is wealthy." 

Trump is rich, Bloomberg is wealthy and I have apprehensions that if he somehow snags the Democratic nomination he will begin to funnel much of his wealth into the legislative and state elections across the country to strengthen his policy agenda should he defeat Trump. In that case we as a population may be no better off than we are now.

George Weiler

Genoa City 



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