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Greg Winter: Mask wearing — A false sense of security

Greg Winter: Mask wearing — A false sense of security


This is in response to the article from Nov. 1st, “’Wear a freaking mask’,” and a recent editorial, which concluded that “intransigence”, regarding following public-health advice, is keeping the country from herd immunity.

To paraphrase Dr. Michael Osterholm from back in June, unless you have a tight-fitting face mask, like the N95 mask used in the health care field, the air is going to find the path of least resistance: Over the top, (evidenced by your glasses fogging up), out the side gaps, etc. So, if you’re in a room with this virus, and you don’t have the N95, you’re not protected. The cloth mask can reduce the size, or amount of the particles you’re putting out or taking in, but that’s like reducing the size of the vehicle that hits you in a car crash … getting hit by a pickup truck isn’t as bad as getting hit by a semi-truck, but the outcome is still bad.

People in China were already wearing masks publicly as a matter of daily life before the outbreak of this virus. Did that help to curb its spread?

So, as you continue on your mask crusade, be aware that you may be creating an assumed level of protection for people who are at risk, who, then put themselves in harm’s way because they think, by using this mask, this magic talisman of virtue, that they are somehow safe from the virus.

If you want to wear a mask, go ahead. But stop casting the rest of us as intransigents.

Maybe the mask-shamers are the intransigents. Aren’t they refusing to change their mind, or agree with any viewpoint that differs from theirs?

Greg Winter, Kenosha


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