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John Schaefer: What you get with Joe Biden

John Schaefer: What you get with Joe Biden


Now that the Bad Orange Man will be gone soon, let's reflect on what you'll be getting to replace him with. Or as I like to call him, "Dementia Joe."

Here's a short list of the things maybe you overlooked because of your distain for the Big, Bad Orange Man:

Open borders and amnesty for illegals (killing this country's job, education and health care systems); late-term abortions up to the time of birth; defunding the police departments; tolerance for the cancel culture and antifa; even more identity politics dividing the country; big tech deciding who will be censored on the internet; foreign countries taking us for patsies again; taking God out of our schools and lives; a one world economy that helps destroy American manufacturing jobs (China's dominance over the U.S. again because now they can blackmail the Biden family, remember Hunter's laptop that the media censored stories about); more never-ending military conflicts; a government that cares more about climate change and social issues than keeping Americans employed; Reparations for people who were never slaves; elimination of fossil fuels which will raise energy costs for everyone; forgiveness of student debt (which does not solve the problem of high tuition cost). 

Last of all, we still have a corrupt Congress that can't even pass a stimulus package for small business and the unemployed, because of the perks for Lobbying groups and big business donors, foreign aid for just about every country in the world and a lot of garbage unrelated to the virus.

Just shows you how much they really don't care about the American people. Anyway, hope you thought about all this before you voted, if not, better luck next time. Hopefully our luck isn't running out as a country.

John Schaefer, Trevor


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