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Thomas Stefani: Are masks making people sick?

Thomas Stefani: Are masks making people sick?


Two OSHA-PPE professionals Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan (see their website), confirm in their documented studies that masks are unsafe.

They also report that the size of corona viruses are from .06 to .125 microns. Even the best mask (an N95) will let through particles of .3 microns. This means that any virus via aerosol or droplet, will seep right through the mask, rendering them useless. It's like trying to keep out mosquitoes with a cyclone fence.

According to their research, any mask worn for just 3 minutes raises level of toxic CO2 to levels above 8,000 ppm, which cuts off oxygen, increases heart rate, and promotes pathogen retention (toxicity).

Long-term effects of mask wearing are decreased immunity, cancer, heart attacks and high acidity (from noxious CO2). In summary, it is extremely likely that mask wearers are actually spreading viruses to those around them, by way of emitting CO2 pathogens when they breathe out (exhale).

Americans are protected by the 14th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution to refuse masks and vaccines pursuant to American's civil liberties.

The survival rates for each age group are: 94.6% (age 70+); 99.5% (ages 50-69); 99.98% (ages 20-49); and 99.997% (ages 0-19). This data has been documented by Ms. Clark and Ms. Meghan.

Through their efforts to get the real science out to the people, they were successful in overturning the "Emergency Powers of the Governor" law in their home state of Michigan, which effectively stopped the power of their governor to invoke shutdowns.

Write your elected officials and demand they stop the tyranny of masks and shutdowns.

Thomas Stefani, Town of Paris


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