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Writer: Are we ready to accept so many dead?

Writer: Are we ready to accept so many dead?

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It is obvious that the Republican leadership — including President Trump and his administration, numerous governors and legislative leaders and the conservative Supreme Court Justices here in Wisconsin — have decided, through their policy approaches to the COVID-19 epidemic, to accept at least 4.6 million dead Americans.  How do they do this?

As of this Memorial Day, we have approximately 1,700,000 reported cases of the virus in the US. We have approximately 100,000 reported dead at this time.  This is a death rate of over 5%.  The lack of adequate testing and the medical community’s belief that the real death rate of COVID-19 is closer to 2% suggests we most likely have considerably more cases than have been reported. 

The Republican approach is now to open up the economy and move away from the stay-at-home orders recommended to date. There is a perception that we can achieve something called herd immunity if enough people get the virus and are immune. 

The more contagious a virus is, the more people need to be immune for herd immunity to kick in. COVID-19 is so contagious that experts estimate about 70% of people in a community will need to be immune to have herd protection. 

There is no vaccine so until Republicans get at least 230 million Americans sick with COVID-19, the carnage will continue.  At a 2% death rate, this is 4.6 million dead.  Are we ready to accept this many dead before we stop listening to Republican nonsense and vote them out of office?

Len Brandrup,

Pleasant Prairie



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