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Writer: City missed the boat by not charging out-of-state park fees

Writer: City missed the boat by not charging out-of-state park fees

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Has it come to anyone’s attention that the majority using the beaches in Kenosha are Illinois residents? Drive down to Simmons Island on a weekend and count the cars which are not Wisconsin based.

I have no issue with outsiders enjoying Kenosha’s resources. However, I do have issue with them doing so free of charge. Wisconsin residents are paying for these parks from which others benefit. At what point are we going to ask that visitors who utilize these resources incur a portion of the funding required to maintain them?

Doing so shouldn’t be complicated or expensive, as the city could install self-administered pay stations as they have in Lake Geneva.

Residents of Kenosha are paying taxes, thus allow them to continue to access without added burden. However, any vehicle displaying plates other than Wisconsin should be required to pay or risk being ticketed.

Temporary “No Parking” signs at Simmons Island are a good start but modify this concept in order to obtain the desired result. This only extends a walk and congests side streets while causing Wisconsin residents pain. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous?

Deter visitors who aren’t supporting local establishments  by charging a fee. If they continue to frequent the parks for a fee, consider it a win for Wisconsin taxpayers. .

Let the leaders of our community know if you agree with my sentiment by raising your voice. Leaders of Kenosha, do what’s right for the people by allowing them access to that which they’re paying for and charging those who are not doing so currently.

Mark Maegaard



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