Writer: Contact your county supervisor to back Second Amendment sanctuaries

Writer: Contact your county supervisor to back Second Amendment sanctuaries


Contact your county supervisor to back Second Amendment sanctuaries

Now is the time to contact your County Board supervisor.

There is a movement across the country and across Wisconsin to pass resolutions to declare counties as Second Amendment Sanctuaries. Any person who supports the 2nd Amendment should support creating 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties which would prohibit funding for enforcement of any unconstitutional law relating to firearms, support local law enforcement’s refusal to enforce unconstitutional laws relating to firearms, and oppose any laws that infringe on every citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

A resolution to declare Kenosha County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County was recently rejected by the Kenosha County Legislative Committee, by a 4-3 vote. I wonder why Supervisors Sandra Beth, Andy Berg, Ed Kubicki and Boyd Frederick are OK with unconstitutional restrictions on the 2nd Amendment?

The same committee did vote to advance a different resolution to the full County Board for consideration, calling for a referendum question asking the state legislature to make Wisconsin a 2nd Amendment sanctuary state. That means that the entire board will be voting on whether or not to include an advisory referendum on the ballot in November.

If the County Board votes to include the advisory referendum in November, every voter in the county will have a chance to weigh in on the resolution with their vote. Please contact your supervisor and ask them to vote “yes” to advance this important advisory referendum to the ballot in November. Or better yet, email countyboard@kenoshacounty.org to tell the entire county board to support giving citizens the right to decide.

Katie Verzal


Lobby lawmakers to protect secure, secret balloting

In his recent VOP, Tim Somers argues in favor of mail-in ballots. He claims that fraud is rare, that the method is secure and popular. He makes his case eloquently. He is also wrong.

Our electoral system evolved to ensure that a vote is secret, protected from intimidation, and secure. These protections are a cornerstone of free elections. Voting by mail destroys them.

It destroys secrecy. When a ballot is cast by mail, the ballot records both the voter’s identity and their choices. While this link is not yet recorded, there is no guarantee that it never will be, to be used as a weapon against those who dare to vote the “wrong” way.

It destroys protections against intimidation. When ballots are filled outside a polling place, there is no way to control who actually fills out the ballot, or what pressure is being applied to the voter as the ballot is being filled out.

It undermines security. The ballot is entrusted to the tender mercies of the US Postal System. Assuming it is delivered in time, it’s processed by someone who may well have an interest in the election’s outcome. In any case, ballots dribble in over a period of days, delaying the outcome in close elections.

Fraud happens. Intimidation happens. Our system of voting evolved over time to protect against these abuses. Fortunately, Wisconsin so far has been slow to undermine the secure, secret ballot. I urge readers to contact their legislators and urge them to reject voting by mail.

Frederick Butzen


‘Herd immunity’ solution is cruel, inhumane and wrong

Some people are insisting that the best way to solve the COVID-19 problem is to allow “herd immunity” to occur. They say that “herd immunity” will do away with such pesky annoyances as wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands.

That may be true, however, “herd immunity” also will do away with something else —- millions of human beings. If only 1% of the United States population were to die, achieving “herd immunity,” that would be 3,300,000 people. Would the “herd immunity” advocates mind if their loved ones were among those millions? Would they mind if they were among those millions?

And if they answer that it would be OK for their loved ones, or themselves, to die, what does that say about the value that they put on human life? What does that say about our society, and civilization?

The “herd immunity” solution is cruel, inhumane, and barbaric. I hope that all people will choose to wear masks, social distance, wash hands and, in doing so, save precious lives.

John Whyte


Writer can’t help but agree with letter writer

Just read Dan List’s letter stating that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but do not have the right to be taken seriously.

I couldn’t agree more! Especially when it comes to List.

Steve Juzenas



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