Writer: Democrats look very foolish now that Trump's been acquitted

Writer: Democrats look very foolish now that Trump's been acquitted

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The Democrats are looking very foolish now that President Trump has been acquitted by the Senate. He most likely will win by a landslide in November. 

Every time the Democrats come up with another bogus allegation with lies and fabrications they have been disproven.

Just look at some of the president's accomplishments. No president has ever accomplished what he has.

While he is signing new trade agreements with China, Canada and Mexico, the Democrats are trying to impeach him.

For the first time America produces more oil than any country. That is the biggest reason gasoline is staying low.

Employment is very high. There are more jobs available than people to fill them.

Unemployment is down to 3.5%. Tax cuts were approved for everyone, and there are more to come for the middle class.

Interest rates are very low at 3% to 4%. The stock market is breaking new records every week. Our Second Amendment is being protected.

Illegal immigration has dropped dramatically. The wall is being built.

Trump had an obligation to ask the president of Ukraine to investigate a major Ukrainian gas producer which was well known to be corrupt. It was our tax dollars Trump was trying to protect. Hunter Biden just happened to work there, though he didn't have the experience or credentials. His dad was Joe Biden.

I can't believe that some of our local Democrat leaders have a ring in their noses and Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi keep leading them deeper down the hole they are in. Wake up and vote Republican to keep the good times going.

Lloyd Jester

Pleasant Prairie 



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