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Writer: Get the facts about universally positive use of vote-by-mail

Writer: Get the facts about universally positive use of vote-by-mail

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While Frederick Butzen is entitled to his opinions -- as are we all -- opinions hold more credibility, legitimacy, and validity when based upon fact, rather than baseless fear mongering, speculation and supposition. 

Recall that such fear mongering, speculation, and supposition led to the election of the two worst presidents in U.S. history:  George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump. 

Bush led our country into an unfunded, unwarranted war based upon the fear mongering, speculation, and supposition based upon the existence of weapons of mass destruction, which, indeed, did not exist.  That war cost tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars. 

Trump's election led an administration that has been the most dysfunctional, chaotic, and corrupt with a revolving door of staff, many of whom are under investigation (as is he, himself), indictment, and/or in prison.

Research for vote-by-mail is conclusive and universal across the board:  fraud, security, and privacy issues are rare, if not non-existent.  None of the alleged problems that Butzen lists in his VOP have been borne out in any of the states currently using vote-by-mail. 

Each state uses multiple, overlapping layers of security which are constantly tested, reviewed, and revised.  Wisconsin has the benefit of employing the "best practices" for vote-by-mail based upon the experiences of the states, collectively, from years of use.

Don't be misled by fear mongering, speculation, and supposition.  Use the facts to make decisions. Contact legislators to urge passage of vote-by-mail legislation in Wisconsin.

And, remember to vote in every election!

Tim Somers




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