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Writer: Get the facts before reacting to "racist" rhetoric of Dems

Writer: Get the facts before reacting to "racist" rhetoric of Dems

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Webster's Dictionary definition of the word "racism" is a belief that some races of men are superior to others. Well, in that case Blacks in the NBA, who are superior to White players, are "racists", but it's the reverse in swimming, where Whites are superior to Blacks and therefore are "racists." That's why the word is overused by Democrats to discredit their opponent, not policy, just slander.

Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute wrote a book called, "War on Cops," that unveils police shootings. In 2016, 54% of police shooting victims were White, 28% Black; in 2015, 50% were White, 26% Black. In 2014, arrests by race went as follows: 69.4% White, 27.8% Black.

In New York City Blacks are 23% of the population but commit 75% of all shootings. Black teens ages 14-17 commit nearly 10 times the rate of homicides of White and Hispanics combined.

Now we have Democrat mayors telling the police to stand down, so Antifa, Anti-Americans can burn down their cities. My solution -- interment camps.

Joe Biden said he got two scholarships to Harvard, finished at the top of his class and got three degrees. Lie. He got half of a scholarship, finished at the bottom of his class and got one degree. 

Biden's policies, if elected, take away seniors' Medicare and replace it with rationed Medicare for all, impose job killing taxes, ban firearms, make Christian speech criminal, get rid of the Electoral College, enact Green New Deal, destroy America's economy, allow felons to vote, open borders, extend voting rights to illegals, and defund the police and military. 

Bob Butera




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