Writer: Listen to the health experts, not the political pundits

Writer: Listen to the health experts, not the political pundits

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It was disappointing to read the letter from Kenosha's recently selected Person of the Year. Another person downplaying and trivializing the current situation we find ourselves facing.

This is not the time for musings and cute anecdotes. The slap at Chinese restaurants showed a lack of candor and insight and further perpetuates a ignorant stereotype about Asian Americans.

I readily admit I dislike the current occupant of the White House but I assure you that I take no pleasure in seeing my savings decimated. The facts are clear. We must put aside our political and social prejudices if we are going to come out of this disaster intact.

Is the coronavirus Trump's fault? Of course not, but I feel he must share the brunt of it here for first calling it a hoax and being slow to accept and respond to this crisis. Should we believe him now?

I get much more reassurance by listening to the doctors that flank him and knowing we have dedicated nurses, doctors and healthcare workers. Don't forget to thank those working to keep our stores stocked and running during this crisis.

Listen to the experts. Stay in and stay well.

Ed Carlson




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