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Writer: Observations about the conduct of our elected officials

Writer: Observations about the conduct of our elected officials

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After the “mostly peaceful protests” in recent weeks, I have several observations to make about the conduct of our elected officials.

First, why did Gov. Tony Evers ignore early requests for help that might have prevented the tragedy here? He then exacerbated things with his divisive, anti-law enforcement comments regarding the shooting of Jacob Blake. Despite admitting that many facts were unknown, he immediately blamed the police. Why did the calls for state help come from Rep. Samantha Kerkman and Sen. Van Wanggaard while Sen. Bob Wirch, Reps. Tod Ohnstad and Tip  McGuire were silent?

Regarding politicians calling these incidents "unrest," they were riots; these weren’t "protesters," they were thugs and looters -- they were criminals.

Regarding the "altercation" that sparked these events, it seems apparent from information released by the attorney general that the officer was fully justified in his actions. Had Blake submitted to arrest as he was legally obligated to, subsequent tragic events may not have happened. Law enforcement's conduct isn’t the issue, neither is police brutality. Rather, it is the moral cowardice and pandering shown by those elected officials whose inaction failed Kenosha.

We cannot "stand together" when politicians engage in divisiveness and pandering to a noisy, violent minority. Recall Lt. Gov. Barnes' response to the beating of Sen. Carpenter in Madison, that it was bad only because Carpenter was "on the proper side." And if you are not "on the proper side?" Divisive? Sure was. Many of our elected officials are acting as modern-day Neville Chamberlains appeasing a violent, bullying Black Lives Matter movement.

The first responsibility of government is its citizens' safety. Many of our elected officials have failed miserably.

Rick Herrmann




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