Writer: State of Union was epic; Dems, not so much

Writer: State of Union was epic; Dems, not so much

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Now that the political theater of partisan Democrats on impeachment is over, they can move on to the next media-induced "bombshell."

Democrats rushed impeachment through the House without calling any witnesses. This of course was planned since if they had President Trump's side would have been able to prove all their charges as lies and hearsay. Now they cry Republicans wouldn't allow witnesses. Poor babies.

Every reaction to our side is calculated. Nancy Pelosi had to stall impeachment for four weeks while she tried to figure out how to sell the lie to the American people. I guess the Schiff finally hit the fan. 

While Trump was delivering his epic State of the Union speech, we were once again reminded what Democrats stand for. Evidently not much. We have record low unemployment, especially among minorities. I guess if you would rather keep people on welfare and voting Democrat, you don't have a choice not to think this way. Household incomes are increasing far beyond what the "experts" told us would occur.

Amazingly after President Obama told us for his entire term 1 1/2- 2% growth was the new normal. Trump has worked better trade deals with China, Canada and Mexico that push American products. His policies have America working once again.

Now Democrats must figure out which candidate can beat Trump. Maybe Mitt Romney can audition for the part. Oh yeah...he did that last week. None of the candidates running care less about the good things happening to this country. But then again they can't begin to comprehend why people love this president.

Bill Cheney




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