Writer: Support re-election of Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly

Writer: Support re-election of Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly

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Last summer I had the honor of meeting Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly and, without a bench between us, had the privilege of a short sit-down conversation with him.  

My first and most important impression of Justice Kelly was his strict adherence to the "Rules of Law" in all decisions brought before the court. He carefully explained that some laws may need to be changed or updated, but that was only to be done by our Congress and not a judge. Personal opinions should never influence the decisions of a judge.

On the other hand, his opponent has gone so far as to call Justice Kelly "political" and our existing court "corrupt." However, she has yet to produce even one fact to substantiate any of her accusations. Her actions have made me wonder if she is capable of sitting at any Bench, upholding our Constitution, and especially sitting on our respected Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

Our election is April 7 and early voting is starting. I urge  voters to look carefully at the backgrounds of both Supreme Court candidates. It is our duty to elect a justice that abides by the "Rules of Law" and also follows our Constitution guidelines.

I am very happy to see that top law enforcement officials, a bipartisan majority of Wisconsin sheriffs as well as the Milwaukee Police Association, have shown support or Justice Kelly. I join them and sincerely hope you support him for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Our laws were enacted to protect us and we in turn must protect the laws as well. We deserve the best, so please vote for the best. 

Bob Babcock Sr.




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