Writer: Trump has diminished office of the president

Writer: Trump has diminished office of the president

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Donald Trump has diminished the office of the presidency to be the laughing stock in our country and around the world. We looked past his lack of good character traits because what we thought we needed was a businessman with experience and knowledge and an attitude on how to get things done.

Instead what we got was an egotistical person with a maniacal brain in believing he has superior intelligence and needs advice from no one. He is devoid of heart and empathy for those who elected him to this high office.

His most aggressive action was taking over the Justice Department. A convicted felon, Paul Manafort, who was a close associate of the president, was recently pardoned and released. With control of justice, if you are a friend or associate of Trump's go ahead and break the law, and  if convicted, rest assured the president will exercise his power to pardon you.

A re-elected Trump will bring chaos to our system of checks and balances, and the rule of law. Living in a dictator-run country could be right around the corner. 

Jesse Aguilera




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