Writer: Upset with lack of leadership in Washington

Writer: Upset with lack of leadership in Washington

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Well, here we are in the largest global crisis in our lifetime and we have a national leader and administration that is beyond inept.

Two years ago our leader got rid of the White House’s Global Health Security Unit. During the Obama Administration experts helped quell the Ebola outbreak in Africa BEFORE it made it to our shores. The Obama team also had diagnostic testing rolled out less than two weeks after N1H1 was identified and a day before the first deaths in the USA.

But then in came the current band of misfits and showed the real experts the door. And once the worldwide spread was imminent, our leader denied the facts, took to attacking journalists and those who disagreed with him (of course), and spent his days releasing convicted political felons like Rod Blagojevich. Speaking of Rod, did you notice that the Kenosha News ran an editorial of his on Monday! Have you no shame, KN?

Where is the federal help during this epic humanitarian crisis? We need test kits and medical workers need protective gear. Kudos to all of the state and local officials that have stepped up to try to fill the vast chasm of federal incompetence.

Finally, I know you Trumpians will not take a dime of government assistance to help you through the financial crisis ahead because doing so would be, you know, socialist. Who runs this country matters. We are now paying the ultimate price for a grand mistake made three and a half years ago.

Len Wojciechowicz




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