Bob Heisse

Kenosha News Executive Editor Bob Heisse

Bob Heisse

One of the highly anticipated annual features in the Kenosha News begins today and runs through May.

“Today’s Teen” — for the 43rd consecutive year — will introduce you to outstanding students in Kenosha County schools.

Prepare to be inspired when you read about them. The teens are selected by the leaders of their schools, and the number of students recognized from each school is based on student population.

Here’s what we send to principals for their consideration when selecting students: “These do not have to be top students or star athletes, but people whom the student body looks for leadership or students your faculty believes will make valuable adult contributions to society and the community.”

The students share their most memorable high school moments and recognize their most influential teacher and role model in their answers.

You’ll find the first “Today’s Teen” today on Page A3.

During the week “Today’s Teen” will run on Take Two (Page B1) every day but Thursday, when this feature will run on the Education page.

Congratulate these teens when you see them. They are standouts in Kenosha County and deserve this recognition.

Thanks to school officials throughout the county for participating again with us on “Today’s Teen.”

‘You Finish the Story’

Another highly anticipated feature — and one making its debut — is the completion of “You Finish the Story.”

You may recall that we started a fiction story on the Forum cover in the middle of January and challenged readers to finish it with all of the twists and turns they’d like.

We did this in partnership with the Lake Geneva Regional News, and gave readers a month to send in their stories. Amazingly, we received 24 completed stories from adults and 53 completed stories from students.

Many of the stories were outstanding, and it took our panel of judges a while to read all of them.

Today, we present the winners on the Forum cover. Congratulations to Teddie Gottstein of Kenosha and Lexi Gustafson of Lake Como. Read and enjoy their complete stories.

A special thanks to everyone who participated in this first-time initiative. We certainly have some creative fiction lovers in Kenosha and Walworth counties.

Thanks for reading us. Please contact me with any concerns or suggestions for the Kenosha News and our products.

Bob Heisse is executive editor of the Kenosha News and can be reached at 656-6337 or