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    LAUREL — To Manny Rios, known as “Mayor Manny,” who inspired everyone in attendance at last weekend’s annual Racine/Kenosha Heart and Stroke Walk at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Manny, a Lincoln Middle School seventh-grader, was born with a severe congenital heart defect and given l…

    We regularly encounter stories of Americans struggling to stay financially afloat, buffeted by the day's economic challenges. So many focus on a woman who is identified a quarter of the way in as a "single mother." She's often portrayed facing impossible demands of holding a paying job while caring for the young ones.


    Content by Brand Ave. Studios. The annual Amazon Prime Day is coming July 12 and 13, and per usual will offer discounts on many of your favorite things.

    Republican politicians like to talk about law and order and the rule of law until it’s one of their own and then all of a sudden they become deaf, dumb and blind and in spite of overwhelming evidence including live video on national television and all over the internet. They let their crook …

    Ric Schmidt stated that the downtown emergency department sees about 60 patients a day, with 10% or roughly six patients needing emergency care. That is 42 people a week or 2,184 people a year who will need emergency care at the downtown emergency department alone. Will any deaths resulting …

    It’s no secret: Wisconsinites are concerned about rising costs right now, and we expect action from our leaders in government. But Wisconsin Republicans seem happy to sit back and complain instead of coming up with a plan to actually address the issue.

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