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Congress is gearing up to spend trillions of dollars on what is being labeled as a “transformative agenda to provide for the American people.” In reality, we are expecting a massive expansion of our government, and to raise taxes in order to pay for this social spending plan. We have heard these plans will generate economic growth and cost $0. However, every American knows this proposal will cost the government trillions of dollars and increase already rising prices.

Americans are angry at the direction Democrats are trying to take America including full government control, empty shelves, skyrocketing crime, high gas prices, soaring inflation, mounting debt, hate and division, indoctrination of children, gender confusion, mass migration and the destructi…

Recently I read an apparent heartwarming story about the turkey on Pershing Boulevard. My wife and I took a ride and the bird was in the middle of the road. He was narrowly missed by a school bus and three to four cars, on top of this a lady was in the middle of the street trying to get him …

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