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Frank Aquila: Left wing lunacy

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Americans are angry at the direction Democrats are trying to take America including full government control, empty shelves, skyrocketing crime, high gas prices, soaring inflation, mounting debt, hate and division, indoctrination of children, gender confusion, mass migration and the destruction of the middle class.

Voters are disgusted by school districts allowing male students wearing skirts in the girl’s locker room, where some female students have been raped.

They are disgusted with critical race theory, which brings more racial tension and tells white students they are evil. A Virginia 6-year-old girl was told in school that she was “born evil” because she is White.

One mother, Sheronna Bishop, a mother of three in Grand Junction, Colorado, had her front door broke down with a battering ram and handcuffed with no explanation. A whistleblower from the DOJ has come forward to reveal the FBI created a “threat tag” as part of a controversial memo issued Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland of counterterrorism targeting of outraged parents as well as investigating criminal activity.

Democrats feel parents should be tolerant of pornographic books like “Lawn Boy” and “Gender Queer” into the school despite photos of sexual acts between a boy and a man while Virginia 12-year-old students were given a survey asking about their sex life.

A New Hampshire student was suspended for saying there are “only two genders.” Biden’s Department of Education refuses to say there are two genders.

Democrats and their media lapdogs want to cancel Thanksgiving because they claim it “represents the dark shadow of genocide” and a “function of White supremacy” and is racist and evil.

This is not what America needs or wants.

Frank Aquila, Kenosha


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